Why Healthcare Insurance Benefits You

Understanding the significance of healthcare insurance can make the ultimate difference of how this can affect life changing scenarios. Despite yearly doctor appointments, routine teeth cleanings, or necessary eye exams; individuals should also prepare for the unexpected.  Although life threatening diseases or injuries remain to be a significant expense to families, it’s better than the […]

Medical Advancements in Stem Cell Research

The health care industry is constantly evolving to cure aggressive diseases every day, every month and most certainly, every year. New cures and remedies can be a pathway to individuals who have been suffering for an extended period of time. According to Joshua Hare, Director of Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, “Stem cells could be the […]

Medical Terminology

Whether it’s partnering with a pharmacy, healthcare provider, or employer; it’s vital that everyone has a good understanding of medical terminology. This understanding allows for better communication between all parties in the healthcare field, especially when presenting or discussing innovative solutions. It’s important to stay updated on acronyms, words and/or definitions to make sure you’re always […]

EHN Expands Again!

Charleston, SC – Time flies when you’re working hard! EHN is honored to expand the company by adding more employees within this past year. We are fortunate to welcome Jason Prechter, Director of Sales and Victoria Pittas, our Marketing & Sales support, to our team. Jason comes to EHN with a background in both group […]

Upcoming Florida Meetings

EHN is pleased to announce three significant opportunities to learn about the EHN and SouthernScripts service models and how they can make a difference for your benefit plan and your employees. These informational breakfasts will be held in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando on 9/21, 9/22 and 9/23 respectively. For more information and to […]

The Transformative Effect of Employer/Provider Collaboration on Healthcare Benefit Costs

The Transformative Effect of Employer/Provider Collaboration on Healthcare Benefit Costs Phil Bruns, CTO Anyone who participates in the self-funded employer community is continually working to provide the best quality healthcare for their employees. However, many are frustrated by the traditional relationship between employers and healthcare providers. Direct interaction is frequently discouraged by the healthcare insurance […]

Welcome to the Employers Health Network blog

Welcome to the Employers Health Network blog, and our updated corporate website. We will be updating this blog every month to share ideas and concepts about how employers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and employees can all work together to achieve better outcomes and cost controls around healthcare benefits. Sure, writing our ideas out and sharing them […]