The Transformative Effect of Employer/Provider Collaboration on Healthcare Benefit Costs

The Transformative Effect of Employer/Provider Collaboration on Healthcare Benefit Costs
Phil Bruns, CTO

Anyone who participates in the self-funded employer community is continually working to provide the best quality healthcare for their employees. However, many are frustrated by the traditional relationship between employers and healthcare providers. Direct interaction is frequently discouraged by the healthcare insurance industry, as those organizations work to maintain their position as the intermediary.

Our leadership team at EHN studied the relationship between employers and healthcare providers. We found that employers often misunderstood the intentions of healthcare providers – believing it to be strictly financial. Similarly, healthcare providers tended to underestimate the desire of self-funded employers to provide for the overall well-being of their employees and families.

At EHN, our service model starts with the relationship between these two entities and the common ground that will allow this relationship to improve through direct interaction. Both employers and healthcare providers maintain a vested interest in the well-being of their populations. Both have a vested interest in cost control. Both want to ensure their constituents receive the highest quality healthcare possible.

We promote this interaction through our healthcare provider relationship management process, targeting the best healthcare providers for our employers. From there, we facilitate direct conversations between the employer community and the healthcare providers in their regions. We do this through business associations like the South Carolina Business Coalition on Health and the Florida Retail Federation. We also do this through organic conversations through the regional EHN advisory groups.

This kind of interaction allows EHN, as a service organization, to better understand how to serve our customer employers and healthcare providers. It also allows our customers and healthcare providers to better understand each other and collaborate to create improved methods of delivering and financing excellent quality healthcare services.

We are excited to facilitate these important conversations and appreciate those customers and healthcare providers who participate in these conversations. If you’d like to be a direct part of those interactions, please contact us at